Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mrs. Kelly's Delicious Mutton Soup


  • Cold Mutton
  • Gravy left from the day before
  • Spoonful of butter
  • little onion
  • corn farina


  1.  Cut in large slices some cold mutton.
  2.  Take the gravy left from the day before and warm it.
  3.  Take a separate saucepan, put in it a spoonful of butter, a little onion, cut fine
  4.  Sprinkle a little corn farina, stirring all the time, until warm,
  5.  Add the gravy.
  6.  Put all in a double saucepan.
  7.  Then put in the cold mutton.
  8.  Leave until it gets nice and hot
— Whitchurch.
Prepared by Brody C. Pinion
July 15, 2017

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