Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Spiced Beef


  • One round of beef
  • One can of tomatoes
  • One bunch of carrots
  • One onion
  • One heaping tablespoonful of cloves
  • One of allspice, ground
  • One cup of flour


  1. Take round of beef and put in porcelain pot
  2. Over this, pour one can of tomatoes
  3. And put one bunch of carrots, and one onion, sliced fine
  4. Put on back of stove at three o'clock for an eight o'clock dinner 
  5. Let it cook slowly all the time
  6. A short time before dinner, add a heaping tablespoonful of cloves
  7. And one of allspice, ground.
  8. Then brown a cup of flour and make it into gravy 
  9. And add this to the rest.
Source — Cooking in Old Creole Days.
Prepared by Tyler Fincher
Louisiana Anthology
July 18,2017

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