Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tomato Curry


  • Tablespoonful of curry powder.
  • Quart of cooked and seasoned tomatoes
  • Rice 
  • Bed crumbs
  • Butter few tablespoon.
  • Baked veal


  1.  Mix a tablespoonful of curry powder with a quart of cooked and seasoned tomatoes
  2.  Put this in a dish, with alternate layers of uncooked rice,
  3. Using a cupful of the latter in all
  4. let the top layer be of bread crumbs.
  5.  Put some butter
  6. Bake for an hour until the rice is done.
  7. Serve with baked veal. 
Prepared by Dipson Baskota
January 6, 2015

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