Sunday, January 11, 2015

Deviled Crabs


  • Twelve crabs
  • Half pint of milk
  • Two tablespoonfuls of flour
  • One tablespoonful of butter
  • One tablespoonful of chopped parsley
  • Pinch of salt and pepper
  • Three boiled eggs


  1. Put the milk on to boil
  2. Rub the butter and flour together
  3. Add the milk
  4. Stir and cook two minutes
  5. Remove from the fire and add the crab meat
  6. Mash the yolks of three hard boiled eggs fine
  7. Then add parsley, salt and pepper
  8. Fill the shells, brush over with the white of an egg
  9. Cover with bread crumbs
  10. Put on oven to 350 degrees, then bake for 10-15min. or cook in a frying basket.
  11. Now ready to serve.
                                                                                            Source - Cooking in Old Creole Days
 Prepared by Khallum Hall
January 11, 2015

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