Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Roast Beef


  • Take a roast beef, as desired pound.
  • Salt and pepper, flour, small pieces of bacon.
  • Small pieces of onion, carrot, meat juice or bouillon.
  • Bouillon, hot water.


  1. Wipe well roast beef with a clean cloth, add salt, pepper and flour it.
  2. Put small pieces of bacon, small pieces of onion, cut carrots in two.
  3. Put in the roast pan adding two tablespoonfuls meat juice or bouillon.
  4. Water is good to wash with, but not to flavor meats with.
  5. Cook it by a good fire a quarter of an hour for every pound of meat.
  6. Baste it with the drippings, and watch it carefully.
Prepared by Anuj Bhandari
January 5, 2015

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